Living in Colorado is pretty great. Or is it? Ever wonder if more people here use iPhones or Androids? What about what people from other states think about our glorious state?

Is it legal or illegal to own a kangaroo in Colorado, and if not, are there any states where it is? (Spoiler alert: it's legal to own a kangaroo in 13 states in the United States. Weird.)

Should we be proud of some of these facts? Or should we be embarrassed by them? You could make a compelling argument either way, I think.

14 Things Coloradoans Should Be Proud Of - OR Embarrassed By

The choice is yours... should we be proud of these facts about our state? Or embarrassed?

25 Things That Will Always Annoy a True Coloradan

Today we are looking at things that annoy us here in the great state of Colorado. A perfect example would be how every Coloradan is annoyed when the Broncos fall flat to begin another football season. What else annoys true Coloradans? Find out by scrolling through the slides below.

Facts About Colorado that Out-of-Staters Find Hard to Believe

Some people visit Colorado and expect to meet countless ski-crazed stoners eating granola, but it's just not the case. Coloradans are here to set the record straight. Scroll on to learn about facts that tend to shock people who visit Colorado for the first time.

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