116. That's the number of arrests Aurora Police made in the conclusion of "Operation Restore".

The Aurora Police Department worked with the U.S. Marshal's Service from July 26 through August 6, 2021, to apprehend violent offenders with active arrest warrants.

The operation concluded with 116 arrests of violent criminals, as well as the recovery of three stolen vehicles and nine firearms. Several of the active arrest warrants of the offenders that were brought in included murder, aggravated robbery, sexual exploitation of a minor, weapon offenses, and several other violent charges.

In an official release recapping the operation, acting U.S. Attorney Matthew T. Kirsch was quoted commending the collaboration across departments, saying:

The cooperation between local and federal law enforcement reflected in this operation helps promote public safety in Colorado. We appreciate the excellent work of our law enforcement partners in this successful operation.

The arrests occurred not just in Aurora, but also nationwide thanks to the help of federal officers.

116 Arrested in Colorado with Violent Charges in Massive Operation
Aurora Police Department

The Denver Field Division Assistant for the Drug Enforcement Administration, Special Agent in Charge David Olesky, noted that "50% of those arrested had a criminal history which included some type of criminal charge associated with illegal drugs". He also credited his agency with accepting their role in apprehending dangerous parties and helping to reduce violent crime.

Chief Vanessa Wilson in the Aurora Police Department reiterated their mission to keep the City of Aurora safe and acknowledged the several parties involved that were able to pull off such a large operation with so much success.

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