Whether you're doing some last minute shopping, have given up on finding the perfect gift or you're like me and shopping just isn't your thing, buying gift cards can be a great solution. Before you run out and just grab some off the rack, shop for the best deals like you do for other Christmas gifts.Many people pay full price for a gift card when they may not have to because discounts and incentives are everywhere.

One great place to start is Sam's Club. They routinely offer discounts on a variety of other retailers gift cards. For instance, you can buy a $100 iTunes card for around $95.

Restaurants are another great place to find deals on gift cards. Olive Garden offers a $5 bonus card when you buy a $25 gift card. Other major retailers offer similar deals.

Another thing to look for is gift cards as a bonus for shopping at the retailer. Usually, there's a minimum purchase, but if you shop smart you can buy some gifts and have the gift card to add to your package or use it as a stocking stuffer.

Online is great place to find deals on gift cards but beware, there are a lot of fraudulent cards out there so if you buy a card online, make sure you get buyers protection.

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