Admit it. You love and hate spring at the same time, don't you?

Oh sure, we love the warmer weather, but with it comes the dreaded spring cleanup. All that stuff you've been hoarding has now overtaken your garage, or storage shed, or (gasp) living room.

But fear not, we here at Kool want to help you get rid of that stuff, or at least make it possible for you to get it out of the house.

So here are a few tips on making spring cleanup a little easier.

First, you have to ask yourself one question:

Do I Really Need This?


As nice as that pile of twigs looked when you picked it up for an art project, they seem to have been fruitful and multiplied. Get some twine, wrap those twigs (and anything else twine-able) and add it to your collection of "get this stuff outta here!"

That Old Gray Chair Just Ain't What it Used to Be

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Nor is that old sofa, coffee table and a myriad of other formerly useful but now-not-so-much items. The key here is to make it LOOK good. Then put it out for a yard sale and watch the cash roll in. While you're at it, those tires that no longer fit ANY car you own? Sell them, too.


Zane Mathews

Donating unusable or no longer needed items can also cut you a break come tax time. The Salvation Army and Goodwill are two places you can take those items. If you're donating clothing, make sure they are clean and free of holes.  TVs, radios, and appliances need to be in good working order.

Where Does the Lone Ranger Take His Garbage

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To da dump to da dump to da dump dump dump!

Time to get rid of all the remaining items. A few thoughts as you prepare to take them to their final resting place.

  • Cover the load. No one wants to dodge your stuff as it comes flying out of the truck, so get a tarp and cover it. This will also make the local law enforcers happy.
  • Be sure you have separated out recyclables. Recyclables should NEVER just get trashed. Put together everything recyclable and, well, recycle it. One more way to protect our planet.

And finally.

Admire Your Work

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Now you can not only see all of your garage, you can even put your car in it. And enjoy the lie you tell yourself that you will NEVER let it get like THAT again.

Happy sorting!