Need to diet but don't wanna exercise? Get a Smart Bra from Microsoft!

Researchers are working on a "smart bra" that will help prevent overeating due to STRESS.

Apparently it senses the wearer's mood by monitoring heart rate and respiration.

These are the key signs researchers say are present prior to an emotional eating binge.

So what happens when these these signs are present? Well your bra would then send the info via Bluetooth to your cell phone with a WARNING that overeating is about to take place.

But why a BRA?

Because it allows for easier EKG monitoring near your heart.

Bad news: battery life is an issue so it wont be available anytime soon. I don't see why the batteries could help to make this a push-up bra!

So called Good News: it will be available for BOTH men & woman!

Who says that men wearing a bra is good news?