Not that we were going to anyway, but the best news of the day is that we should not stop eating meat.

Earlier this week, the UN's International Agency For Research on Cancer told us that processed meat like sausage and ham  causes bowel cancer, and red meat "probably" does, too. Many of us were on the verge of emptying our freezers of all formerly moving, walking, breathing food.

Now we are all breathing a huge sigh of relief as other experts and nutritionists tell us it is not necessary to cut meat completely from our diet.

In a report on  Yahoo, numerous experts put our fears to rest saying that some meat in our diet is a good thing as a good source of protein, B12, and iron. However, they say  if you are a big meat eater, it probably is a good idea to cut back on your consumption.

One expert says obesity and lack of exercise presents a bigger cancer risk than eating meat. She says eating meat once a day with fruit, vegetables, and fiber, plus exercise and weight control will put you at a very  low risk of colon cancer.

Here is some really good news. One expert says there has been little or no evidence in the UK that vegetarians have a lower risk of cancer than meat eaters. Talk about a HUGE sigh of relief!

As far as  exactly how much red meat is enough, another expert says it's a good idea to limit your red meat intake to  maybe a couple of times a week. That leaves 5 days a week that can be devoted to healthier alternatives like chicken, turkey, and fish.