The dust had barely settled on the Denver Broncos’ divisional playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens when offensive coordinator Mike McCoy was named the new head coach of the San Diego Chargers. Besides the fact that he went to a division rival that the Broncos play twice a year, is anyone else bothered by the fact that McCoy was interviewing for the position while the Broncos were preparing to play the most important game of the year to date?Any time a team with a potent offense loses it’s offensive coordinator, there are concerns about how that offense will be affected by change.The Broncos' Peyton Manning-led offense took a while to take off, but once it did, was a point-scoring, yardage churning machine. So now a NEW offensive coordinator and a new system to learn? Three steps forward, two steps back?

Breathe easy, Denver fans.

The Broncos stayed in-house to replace McCoy, elevating quarterbacks coach Adam Gase to the position of offensive coordinator, meaning little should change with Denver’s high-powered offense.Gase has been with the Broncos since 2009, and  worked closely with Peyton Manning during the 2012 season. So it seems, at least, the Broncos will not lose continuity, and their offense  should be able to pick right up where it left off this year. Gase will be calling the plays. And who knows, at age 34, one of the youngest coordinators in the league, maybe Gase holds the key to unlocking head coach John Fox’s ultra conservative approach. Maybe "next"  time, the Broncos won’t be trying to just “get out of the round."