If you're looking for a new furry companion, get a hold of Grand Junction Pit Bull Rescue, they have some great pooches that need a fur-ever home.

The Grand Junction Pit Bull rescue is in need of foster homes and more importantly, forever homes for the 10 dogs they currently have in fosters.

Grand Junction Pit Bull Rescue's main priority is to save these dogs that have gained a tarnished reputation.

Chelsea Shaw told KJCT that:

"I've actually had to slow down on taking more dogs on just simply because we're so overwhelmed with them. We don't have enough foster homes. We don't have enough adoptive homes. Some dogs need to be the only pet, so those are harder to find homes for."

Shaw receives multiple calls a day for dogs that need help, but since she doesn't have a shelter the dogs need to go to a foster home. Without these foster homes, these dogs end up on a waiting list.

Shaw is currently trying to get a foster up and running. Grand Junction Pit Bull Rescue, as an organization, is in need of funding to start the application process. Shaw would like to set her shelter up "in the middle of no where" to be a sanctuary for the dogs.

If you'd like to adopt a dog, or can help out by fostering one, contact Chelsea Shaw on Grand Junction Pit Bull Rescue's Facebook page.