The City of Grand Junction has revealed a cool new twist on season golf passes that go on sale Monday.

The golf season has not really ended yet, thanks to some pretty mild fall weather, but golfers who are looking ahead to next season will like the news we got today from the Grand Junction Parks Department.

For 2016, only one season pass is being offered and it has no restrictions. Pass holders can golf at Lincoln Park or Tiara Rado any day of the week, at any time. In past years, a limited pass was sold which came with some restrictions on when it could be used.

The season pass is selling for $375 and will give golfers the option of playing nine holes for $9, or 18 holes for $14 on either course. The city is offering an appreciation package to the first 250 golfers who purchase a season pass. The card, valued at $76 is good for two greens and cart fees, and two large buckets of range ball.

Is a season pass really worth it? Well, it depends on how much you play. Let's figure it up.

So, you are paying $375 right up front. Figuring an average price of $33 without a pass for 18 holes, you would need to play 11 rounds to get to $375. Of course, you're also paying $14 per round, so those 11 rounds of golf will cost you $529.

But, let's look at it this way. Suppose you start playing golf during the first week of spring - and you play once a week until the end of October. That's 33 weeks. If you have a golf pass, that's going to cost you about $837. Without a pass, your cost would be about $250 more at around $1089.

Here's one more scenario. Suppose you play 20 times during the year, without a pass it will cost you about $660. If you get the season pass, it will run you about $655. So, the bottom line is, if you are going to play more than 20 times, the season pass is a good value, but if you aren't going to make it out that often, then you're going to be better off to pay as you go.

The other consideration is, do you plan to play at other courses during the year? That is also going to figure into whether or not the golf pass for Tiara Rado and Lincoln Park is going to be good for you personally.

Of course, cart rental is extra. and golf cart season passes will also be on sale. For $270, golfers will save $5 on every 9-hole cart rental, and $9 on every 18-hole cart rental.

The other good news is that rates at the Grand Junction City courses will stay the same in 2016, with no price increase.