Vern McGee, the head coach of the Central High School Warriors football team, announced he will not be returning to the head coaching position next season.

While McGee didn't give any specific reasons for his departure, a couple of disappointing seasons may have been a factor.  McGee also said it wasn't the way he wanted to end his 20+ years coaching high school football, 17 of those as head coach for the Warriors, but it was time to let someone else lead the football program.

McGee indicated he would miss coaching and especially the opportunity to mentor the young men who play the game. He also said he was excited about new opportunities. "There are some things I haven't been able to do because I was coaching football. And while I'm really going to miss coaching, I'm looking forward to being able to do some of those things."

When asked about a possible replacement, McGee declined comment, but did say the program would need someone who could keep the "younger kids" excited about playing football.

McGee plans to continue teaching at Central and also helping with the baseball program. As he puts it, "I'm an assistant to an assistant", (baseball coach), expressing that it's a fun job.