Alexander Hamilton comes to Grand Junction this weekend by way of the Two Rivers Chautauqua at Cross Orchards Historic Site.

Most of us probably know little more about Alexander Hamilton than the fact that his face appears on the $10 bill. But, there is much more to be known about this founding father in American history, and it is all brought to life in the portrayal of Hamilton by Hal Bidlack, who has performed around the country as Alexander Hamilton for nearly 20 years.

Bidlack's interactive performance of Hamilton, in which he will respond to audience questions in character, will be one of many historical portrayals during this two-day event. Other portrayals include Rose Parks, John James Audubon, and a number of young chautauquans doing portrayals from Florence Nightengale to Jim Henson, creator of the muppets.

The theme of this year's Chautauqua is "American Dreams".  It sounds like an entertaining as well as educational event. History buffs will love stepping back into time with these real-life portrayals of some great characters in American history.

Admission to the event is $7.50 per day, or $12 per couple of  $15 for a family. To see a complete schedule visit the Museum of Western Colorado website. The Cross Orchards Historic Site is located at 3073 F Road in Grand Junction.