It looks like this year's Super Bowl should be a great game, but in case it isn't, we always have the great commercials to enjoy. I want to share five of my favorite Super Bowl commercials from the last 10 years.

There have been so many really good Super Bowl commercials it's difficult to narrow it down to the top five, but, I'm giving it a shot.

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    NFL Best Fans (2011)

    So the NFL promotes itself in this spot, but who cares. I'm such a classic TV nut, it's cool seeing some of our favorite characters in NFL garb, like the Fonz wearing a Packers jersey and Marcia Brady wearing  a Chargers shirt. Can you spot the 180 NFL "changes" in these scenes?

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    Budweiser Puppy Love (2014)

    The fact is, I am a sucker for sentimental commercials and this ad from Budweiser hits the spot. It's not funny or sexy, and it doesn't make me want to drink beer. It does,  however, make me want a puppy or a horse.

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    Federal Express (2006)

    I can't really explain it, but there is just something hilarious about a caveman getting stepped on by a dinosaur and that makes me love this commercial.

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    Radio Shack The 80s (2014)

    When the 80s call, you have to listen in this spot featuring many pop culture icons of the 19080s like Hulk Hogan, Mary Lou Retton, Alf, and Erik Estrada.

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    Bridgestone Tires Reply All (2011)

    This spot shows the times we are living in and the panic over a possible mistaken click of the mouse. There are probably a lot of people relating to the poor chap in the video.