My long-awaited, much anticipated annual Super Bowl prediction is here.

For months we weren't sure if there would even be a football season. Now the only question is will we have a full season -- and will we even get to the Super Bowl.

Only time will tell, but going on the assumption that everything goes according to plan and there is a Super Bowl come February, I lay out for you my annual Denver Broncos outlook and Super Bowl prediction.

The Broncos won seven games in 2019 - which wasn't bad considering the quarterback situation and the arrival of new head coach Vic Fangio. Now, the trick is to be better in 2020, and if they are just a little better, the Broncos have a great shot at the playoffs.

This year it all starts with second-year quarterback Drew Lock. He looked pretty good in five starts at the end of last season, giving us hope that he might be the long-term answer we've been seeking for the past 20 years. If Lock takes another step up- and the offensive line performs at a reasonably high level, the Denver offense is going to be fun to watch.

Defensively, things are looking a lot different this year, especially with the injury to Von Miller. But, there are signs the Broncos defense is going to be even better this year. Part of the equation has to do with how they respond to Miller's absence.

I think an 8-8 season is very realistic for this team, and if they can catch a couple of breaks, there's potential to squeeze nine wins out of this season and make it to the playoffs. Nine wins would be an admirable accomplishment considering a tough schedule that includes the Chiefs twice, Tampa Bay, New England, Pittsburgh, and New Orleans.


The three best teams in the AFC, in my opinion, are Kansas City, New England, and Baltimore. Beyond that,  Houston, Tennessee, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo should be playoff contenders.

Baltimore looked unstoppable for most of last season before laying an egg in the playoffs. While many "experts" are eyeing the Chiefs to repeat, it's an extremely difficult thing to do, and I say the Ravens will knock the Chiefs out in an AFC Championship nail-biter.

In the NFC, I think the top teams are New Orleans, Seattle, and San Francisco. Other playoff contenders include Dallas, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, and Minnesota.

I have a feeling about Seattle this year, and San Francisco is really good. With Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski in Tampa Bay, the Bucs will be a tough out. But, in the end, the New Orleans Saints take the prize, after three consecutive disappointing and heart-wrenching playoff losses. Drew Brees follows in the footsteps of the great John Elway and wins the final game of his hall-of-fame career.

BALTIMORE       31

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