Turkeys come in all sizes and when it comes to Thanksgiving, bigger is always better.

The Thanksgiving dinner typically involves a fairly large gathering of people and so you need lots of turkey to go around. Even when the gathering isn't super large, lots of people go for a bigger turkey than they actually need so they can have lots of leftovers.

So you might be in the process of preparing a 22 or 24-pound turkey - and that is a big bird. But, the fact is, your bird is extremely small in comparison to the largest turkey on record. Believe it or not, Tyson, the heaviest turkey in the world weighed in at a whopping 86 pounds.

That's right. The turkey had a name. Tyson was raised in Peterborough, United Kingdom by Philip Cook of Leacroft Turkeys Ltd. He was the winner of the "Heaviest Turkey" competition in London in 1989 and holds the record to this day.

Tyson was auctioned off for charity and brought in over $6,000. That should make you feel better about the price you paid for your bird. I've seen them selling for about $35 for a 16-20 pound turkey, and around $44 for a 20-24 pound bird.

The one thing I'm not really sure about is what happened to Tyson. Did he end up on somebody's Thanksgiving dinner table? If so, that had to be one might large table. Of course, I'm hoping that Tyson was given a reprieve, considering his status as a world record holder.

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