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A controversial measure proposed by a Northern Colorado county that if passed, would make it a part of Wyoming has gained the support of our northern neighbors' governor.

The measure was introduced in Weld County, Colorado, a county north of Denver and bordering Wyoming which is primarily known as being home to the city of Greeley. If passed, Weld County would secede from Colorado and become a county in the state of Wyoming instead.

The proposed measure is heavily politically motivated, as not only is Wyoming the least populated state in the United States, it is also heavily conservative in nature. Weld County is also heavily politically conservative largely due to the oil and gas as well as the beef-producing industries that account for a great amount of the county's monetary income and jobs.

The movement is spearheaded by a Facebook group by the name of Weld County Wyoming created by a Wyoming resident by the name of Todd Richards who made a note on a radio interview that, referring to Wyoming's population, "people are scarce here."

Weld County Republican State Senator Vicki Marble has also been supporting the idea of the county becoming part of Wyoming stating the following to the Greeley Tribune:

It is my way to let the people know I hear their concerns and that I am not shying away from their voice and that I acknowledge the serious consequences of bills and discussions we are having at the Capitol.

In order to pass, the bill would have to be approved by the states of Colorado and Wyoming, as well as the United States Congress.


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