Now that a majority of all people have had to change their normal work routine during the COVID-19 pandemic and most of us have found a rhythm to getting everything accomplished, is this something that you would like to continue after we get through the pandemic?

This question is difficult because we all have such different jobs and tasks that we have to accomplish. Most teachers, I have spoken with during this time say they want to get back into the classroom and teaching kids remotely is more difficult.

Personally, I enjoying being around people too much to stay at home all day. While during this time I have been asked to do my radio show from home it was more difficult than being in the studio and it took a much longer period of time trying to get all of my work tasks completed. So, this would be easy for me to say no, I would not want to continue working from home after this pandemic.

I know there are thousands of people out of work right now, so they would all love to get back to work and start making a paycheck again.

But if your boss sent you an email today and asked you if you wanted to continue working from home after this pandemic was over would you sign up to work from home? Or would you want to go back to going into the office each day to complete all the tasks that are asked of us?

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