The Denver Broncos are 2-0 thanks in large part to their defense, and as the offense struggles to find itself, fans are not going to be comforted by the words of Coach Gary Kubiak and quarterback Peyton Manning.

There have been moments where the Broncos' offense has looked extremely good. Those moments have come when Peyton Manning has been running the no-huddle offense out of the shotgun, leaving fans to wonder why they just don't let him do that all the time.  Aside from that, the offense has failed miserably to establish any sort of consistent running game or protection of their quarterback.

Fans certainly have noticed the success the Broncos have had out of the shotgun and have been hoping that maybe there would be a change in philosophy and strategy and that maybe they would start letting Manning do things his way. Apparently that is not going to happen - at least not yet.

Despite the fact that the Broncos' offense has pretty much been the worst in the league so far in yards rushing, sacks allowed, yards per play, and yards per pass attempt - there's no indication they are going to do anything different Sunday night against the Lions.

According to Jeff Legwold of, Kubiak isn't planning on changing anything. After Wednesday's practice, Kubiak said, "You stay committed to what you believe in. We're going to get where we want to go offensively if we stay committed to something. We believe in what we're doing, been doing it a long time, we just got to get better at how we're doing it. "

Manning may disagree with Kube's run-first mentality but at this point he's not saying it."I think there's always going to be an adjustment.You're trying to improve as you make the adjustments, you're trying to win games as you make the adjustments. As long as we continue to work and improve, that's what we said all along, that's what we said we were going to do and that's what we will do."

Well, there are plenty of things that need to be adjusted and plenty of improvements that need to be made. So far, the Broncos have 19 rushing attempts for no gain or negative  yardage, and the longest pass play has been only 22 yards.

The improvement has to come from the offensive line to consistently open up the holes for the running game and provide better pass protection for Manning. The adjustment will have to come from the coaches when they discover that once again the offensive line isn't getting it done and they have to let Peyton do that thing he does to salvage a win.