If you've ever wondered how much someone can disgrace a US Veteran, you need look no further than the woman who stopped, picked up and drove off with a veteran's personal belongings in front of the Grand Junction Veteran's Art Center.


The Veteran's Art Center reports the stolen backpack, bible, and personal belongings have been returned by the person driving the truck when this theft occurred. The man also returned a laptop, not the one stolen, but a newer one. The person said he wanted to make things right.

The accomplice in this crime has also sold the truck since the theft and didn't want the new owner to suffer the consequences of his actions.

Original Story

According to the Veteran's Art Center Facebook page, a veteran on a bicycle, set down the items while he took his bicycle to the other side of the building to safely park it. When he returned, almost everything was gone.

I completely share the outrage of those who have commented on the Veteran's Art Center Facebook page.

Sometimes, comments on Facebook are more harsh than necessary. This is one of those times when the vitriol directed at the people involved is, in my opinion, both completely appropriate and totally deserved.

The video surveillance will help the Grand Junction Police Department a great deal in locating and arresting those involved.

If you witnessed this crime, maybe even not understanding what was happening at the time, or know anything about the theft and the people involved, contact the Police Department or Mesa County Crime Stoppers at 241-7867 so we can get these people off the street.