We recently published a story about people who didn't recognize their 'homeless' relatives. Now, a French tourist sees a homeless man digging through the trash, offers him her leftover pizza and fails to realize he's actor Richard Gere.

Karine Valnais Gombeau didn't know that she had walked into an on-location set of the movie 'Time Out of Mind,' in which Gere's character is a homeless man.

Gere, completely in character, thanks the woman for her generosity and she goes on her way with the warm feeling she had helped someone in need.

It was only later, when the story hit the news, did the woman understand the significance of her action. She admitted she was familiar with Richard Gere, specifically mentioning how she enjoyed his performance in the movie 'Chicago.'

Gombeau is a bit embarrassed she didn't realize who she was offering food to. We say, forget the embarrassment, enjoy the limelight and know that the act of generosity speaks for itself.