Just how windy did it get last night in Grand Junction? Well, the answer depends on what part of the valley you were standing in. If you were on Orchard Mesa near the Gunnison River, you endured enough wind to rip the shingles off your roof. This poor street sign just off 27 Road on Orchard Mesa will attest to that.

For a period of about five minutes last night, this area of Orchard Mesa experienced gusts so strong it was almost impossible to remain standing. It was all this poor street sign could do to remain vertical.

The Weather Information Network predicted winds reaching 45MPH would hit the Grand Junction area. While winds in the valley may have topped out at 45MPH, gusts at this location drastically exceeded that speed.

If you live in the Spyglass Ridge area or any part of Orchard Mesa near the river, you may want to check the roof of your house and make sure everything is intact. Your swamp cooler cover or attic turbine vent may have relocated to another neighborhood.