We all want to be liked, and the words we can say can go a long ways toward getting people to like you, but will these six phrases make people like you more?

From Yahoo Small Business we find these six phrases they say will make people like you more. I'm not totally convinced. See what you think.

1) "Sir" or "Ma'am" - I don't mind someone responding to me by saying "yes, sir," or "no,sir," but beyond that, don't call me 'sir.' It seems so impersonal. I can hear Judge Judy saying it to some crazed defendant in court, or a policeman addressing me as 'sir' as he inquires as to why I think I may have been pulled over.

2)"You're Welcome" - They tell us that if you say "no problem" (which I say a lot) it sounds like it was no big deal to you, but by saying "you're welcome" it shows that you did something significant for them -- which is exactly why I tend to stay away from "you're welcome." It feels like I'm elevating myself above that person.

3) "Here's What's Happening" -  This is a good one to use because it makes people feel they are being kept "in the loop."

4) "How Can I Help" - This shows you are willing to help a hand - that you're not just words with no action, and that you are a team player.

5) "I'll Find Out" - This seems to indicate that you are willing to go out of your way to help somebody out instead of just simply dismissing their needs.

6) "I Believe in You" - This is an inspirational statement, and your expression of confidence will endear people to you. Of course, this isn't something you typically say to a co-worker. This seems to be something to use in very special and specific situations.