Tomorrow is National Donut Day, and this, apparently, is a big deal. When preparing for tomorrow's celebration, where do you plan to go to purchase your donuts?

Here at the radio station, we celebrate "Donut Wednesday" every week. We enjoy delicious donuts from Homestyle Bakery. They offer a wide variety, they're always fresh, the price is right, and the location is very convenient.

For those on Orchard Mesa, Daylight Donuts offers a great selection, great coffee, and some truly unique donut concepts, for example, the bacon wrapped donuts.

Sprouts offers a unique bakery, carrying what one can only assume to be "health donuts."

Several of the local supermarkets boast excellent bakeries as well. You can pick up donuts while simultaneously shopping for cleaning supplies and diapers.

National Donut Day happens only once a year, so this is a one-shot. More than likely, you probably plan to hit just one donut shop. Vote for your favorite. If your selection is not on the list, write it in, and it will be added promptly.