What ever became of the monstrous snow storm that was going to hit the Grand Valley yesterday? Even though the valley managed to get off the hook, that doesn't mean every location had the same good fortune.

Snow and ice caused its fair share of havoc on the Mesa on Sunday. The Mesa County Sheriff's Office and the Colorado State Patrol responded to a rollover accident near Powderhorn early Sunday afternoon. Icy roads are cited as the reason for the accident.

Early Sunday morning, I made the drive from Gunnison to Grand Junction, living in fear a major storm would roll through right about midway down the mountain. As luck would have it, that never happened. A few hundred deer and a very bright moon made for a truly enjoyable drive.

Glade Park saw a few snowflakes at roughly 9 a.m. Sunday morning. I was making my way back from the kiln on the Old Kiln Trail when the snow began. The small amount of new snow, combined with the remnants from last week's snow, made for some fairly deep trails. Aside from that, nothing major to report.

Looking ahead, it appears as, though this week, January 25 through 29 will be clear, sunny, and we might just see 40 degrees by Friday.