I love how many parks there are here in Grand Junction. I haven't been disappointed by one so far, but I'm a mission to find the best park around. I need your help to find the best park in Grand Junction.

It seems like there is a park on every other block in Grand Junction. I really enjoy having a place to take a break, walk around and maybe even go down a slide.

While I was at work  took a break and did exactly that at Sherwood Park. Being able to do that put me in a better mood and I know I'm not the only one.

I haven't been to all of the parks in Grand Junction and I know there's a lot. From Sherwood Park to Canyon View to Lincoln Park, which one is the best?

Vote for the best park below so I can give it a visit. And if you don't see the best park, make sure you can write it in or reply in the comments.

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