Like me, you may have grown up in the 70s watching 'The Amazing World of Kreskin.' And, like me,  you may now be wondering whatever happened to the 'Amazing Kreskin?'

For those that may be too young to remember, the 'Amazing Kreskin'  is an entertainer  and mentalist who hosted a weekly television show demonstrating the "powers of the mind" through suggestion, mind reading, and occasionally some sleight of hand. He has also been known for making predictions about world events, elections, and sports, though he has never claimed to be 'psychic.'

As a kid, I remember watching the show and being completely fascinated by the 'Amazing Kreskin.' I was absolutely convinced that he could actually read people's minds, control their actions, and predict the future.  It's doubtful I ever read the disclaimer at the end of the program that said:

" The preceding program was presented solely for entertainment purposes and not to foster belief in supernatural phenomena of any kind. Everything Kreskin does is accomplished by perfectly natural and scientific means."

So whatever happened to Kreskin? The answer is, as of this writing he is still alive and well. He turned 80 earlier this year, and continues to pop up on late night television and other programs performing his feats of mystique and making predictions. A couple of years ago he made a Super Bowl prediction when the Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers 34-31. His prediction was 34-29 Ravens. You can watch the reveal in the following video.

Kreskin is still active as a live performer, introducing his unique brand of mentalism to an entirely new generation.

Here's a blast back to the past with one of Kreskin's programs that shows the "master" in action.

There are believers and there are skeptics in regards to the 'Amazing Kreskin.' Which are you?