The arrival of September means it's the fall burn season in Grand Junction and here's what you need to know - before you burn.

The fall burn season in Grand Junction is September 1 through September 30 and considering the season of wildfires we have had,  the idea of burning anything makes a lot of us a little nervous. But, the fact is, burning can be done safely if we all follow the rules.

* Any burning within the city limits of Grand Junction requires a $25 permit from the Grand Junction Fire Department.

* Permits are only issued for property that is 1 acre or more.

* You can apply for a burn permit at Fire Administration at 625 Ute Avenue.

* The only things you can burn are dry weeds, garden waste, irrigation ditches, and tree or shrub trimmings that are less than one inch in diameter.

* Burning has to be at least 50 feet from the property line.

* Burn permits for outside the city limits are issued by the Mesa County Health Department.

If you plan to burn anything on your property, never leave the fire unattended, and be mindful of potentially dangerous weather conditions such as high winds.

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