If you won $1000 from KOOL 107.9, what would you do with it? Spend it? Save it? Share it?

I realize that $1000 doesn't buy as much as it did 20 years ago, but it sure buys a lot more than $0.

What would I do with $1000? Hmmmmm.......I hate the idea of winning prize money to pay off bills, but that would certainly be a prudent thing to do. And saving the money away for a rainy day or an emergency makes a lot of sense. But, let's assume there are no bills to pay, there's no rain in the forecast,  and this is going to be "fun money."

One possibility would be to buy a brand new set of golf clubs - and I don't even know what kind. It's such a far-fetched idea I haven't even taken the time to look and see what's available - and how much it would cost. But, I have an idea I could get a real decent set for $500. The remaining money would be spent on my wife, maybe  a new dishwasher, some new purses, or a year's worth of nails and spa treatments.

(Male Witch)

Let's see, what other possibilities are there.....hmmmmm. I would love to have a bed liner in my pick up, or new tires would be awesome. We could use a new bed, toilet seats, and kitchen table. Oh, and the garage door opener needs to be replaced. We could stand to put down some new linoleum in the entry way and kitchen. One thousand dollars would be a start at least toward new kitchen cabinets and counter top.

Of course, with my luck, the day after I won the money the refrigerator would quit working, or I'd suddenly need some costly vehicle or home repairs.

After looking at my list of possibilities, I find it interesting that golf clubs are the only "fun" think I can think of that I would want to spend the money on. So much for "fun money."

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