Most of us have agreed that our snacks and food during the Super Bowl ended up being more exciting than the game itself.

Pretty boring game and the commercials seemed to be so-so not the best like they've been in the past.

At least there were a few commercials that grabbed the audience attention from what we heard on Facebook.

My favorite comment on Facebook came from our friend Vikki Musquiz when she posted her dogs favorite.

What Super Bowl Commercial Ended Up Being the Favorite for GJ?
Vikki Musquiz via Facebook

I have to agree with Abbey Antwine that The Game of Thrones/Bud Lite Commercial was a riot and definitely my favorite.

But that wasn't the consensus ... the overall favorite commercial for Grand Junction ended up being the NFL 100 Year-Game SBLIII spot. It was pretty funny. Definitely one of my top picks.

Few other favorites were the Michael Buble one, the Hyundai commercial with Jason Bateman and the Microsoft game adapted which was very sweet.

The commercials did alright unlike the game and half-time show which were a complete yawn fest.

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