The folks at E-bay have analyzed millions of purchases over the last two years and determined what each state buys the most of. We shouldn't be surprised by what's at the top of the list for Colorado.

The list is based on what states buy more of than any other state per capita. A few of the results fell right in line with stereotypes - New Jersey bought the most cologne, New York the most firearms and supplies, and Colorado--the most marijuana growing supplies.

Seriously?? Are there really that  many people growing marijuana in Colorado?

Well, the stat may be a bit misleading, considering the fact that Washington is the only other state where growing pot is legal. Of course Colorado is going to be the leader in marijuana growing supplies. I would have expected Colorado to be a leader in something like camping supplies, biking, or hunting accessories. Apparently, that is not the case.

Alabama buys the most camping goods, Texas the most hunting supplies, Alaska the most hats, and Idaho buys the most toys. But, Colorado, has the distinction of being the leader in pot cultivation- such a wonderful thing to be known for. has a complete list of what each state buys the most of on e-Bay.