Grand Junction just hosted two more sessions of "Coffee With A Cop" at a couple of area restaurants. What are these events, what happens during them, and are they worth attending?

Coffee With A Cop is a free public event where the community is encouraged to come out and join local law enforcement and ask questions and address concerns, all over a cup of coffee. They are most definitely worth attending.

Two sessions were held on Friday, October 7. The Grand Junction Police Department met with the public at Randy's Southside Diner on Highway 50 in Orchard Mesa, while the Mesa County Sheriff's Office held their event at the McDonald's in Clifton.

According to the Grand Junction Police Department's Facebook page, the Coffee With A Cop initiative began in Hawthorne, California, five years ago. Since then, the practice has been adopted by law enforcement agencies across the country.

In each case, the agencies involved send out a notice to the community regarding the time and place for the event. This info is usually sent out weeks in advance. Typically, these events happen in morning hours of 7:00 to 10:00.

When the day rolls around, you head to the restaurant and chat with a cop. Maybe you order a coffee, maybe you don't. Some people have breakfast, others just coffee. Personally, I went to the event earlier today and never purchased anything.

If I had my way, local law enforcement would host this event every month. It's an excellent way to express concerns and ask questions. When attending this event, I can speak to police regarding matters that don't necessarily warrant a phone call or a visit to the police station.

Make these events a priority in your life. They're fun, beneficial to all, and a chance to break the ice with law enforcement. The next round of Coffee With A Cop is coming soon, so keep your eyes and ears open.

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