There's still plenty of time to fire up the BBQ before Winter sets in here in Western Colorado. Of course, you'll need to compliment your BBQ with the perfect beer. Which beer goes best with your personal backyard BBQ?

According to, every protein or vegetable has a singular flavor profile, and serious thought should be given to pairing it with the proper beer.

When barbecuing beef, recommends you serve Full Sail Session Black. this extraordinarily dark beer drinks deceptively light.

When cooking lamb, Ommegang Abbey Ale offers dried fruit flavors and a bit of sweetness which holds its own against lamb's earthy taste.

If your BBQ features chicken, suggests Saison Dupont, This beer offers a subtle citrus taste, combined with a touch of pepper and "lively" carbonation.

For the record, the beers above tend to be a bit pricey, some coming in at $9 for a 750-milliliter bottle.

If your corner liquor store carried every brand of beer ever made, and price were no option, which beer would you purchase to compliment your BBQ?