Keep your family safe! Find out how to test your drinking & pool water in Grand Junction.

Woot, Woot! It's National Drinking Water & Recreational Water Illness & Injury Prevention Week!

It may seem like a silly thing to get excited for, but when people start thinking about the water in their pools it means summer is right around the corner!

Have your drinking and pool water tested to keep your family healthy and safe!

Did you know?

  • Each of us use around 100 gal of water a day in American compared to Saharan Africa which uses only 2-5 gal a day
  • Only 1% of the water on Earth is okay to drink, the rest is frozen, sea or ocean.
  • 25% of bottled water is from a tap
  • You can save up to four gallons of water just by turning off the faucet while you brush your teeth

The Mesa County Health Department Regional Lab takes water sample:

  • Monday through Thursday
  • Between 8a and 4:30p
  • On the south side of the first floor at 510 29 1/2 Road in Grand Junction
  • Cost is $20
  • For more info contact 970-248-6999