New video shows two of the most prolific predators in Yellowstone. It's a pack of wolves and a grizzly trying to determine who ends up with a prize carcass.

Taylor Bland must have a knack for being at the right place at the right time. She has captured multiple wolf and bear encounters and shared them on Instagram. This is the newest video showing a wolf pack and a not very happy grizzly.

I'd bet my bottom dollar this is the same Junction Butte wolf pack that recently cornered a grizzly mom and two cubs. Taylor was also the person that captured that video.

It's not unusual for a wolf pack to chase a grizzly off of a carcass. They are notorious for claiming kills that didn't originate with them due to their sheer numbers over a competing predator. I've seen it go the other way, but more often than not a grizzly will decide it's not worth the fight.

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