Watch this video of a snow plow driver plowing tons of snow on Independence Pass. Independence Pass near Aspen isn't opening anytime soon, maybe early June.

It's easy to see that Independence Pass won't be open to traffic anytime soon by watching the video below. We've received tons of snow this season in Colorado, and even more recently, even though it is late May.

A snow plow driver plows through tons of snow on Highway 82, all with a smile on his face. You can tell he's done this before and even though it is a massive amount of snow, he's probably (definitely) seen worse.

Independence Pass won't be open until possibly early June. Watching this snow plow driver does make me a bit nervous as the road seems pretty narrow. You can watch the plow pushing the snow off the road, making it roll down the mountain.

Colorado is truly a beautiful place, look at how the white mountain peaks line the sky with clouds casting shadows all around. If you're going to plow snow, this is probably one of the best views you could have while you do it.

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