We had to bring the Tipsy Tongue Twisters back to Winefest. Watch people try our Tipsy Tongue Twisters at the 28th Annual Colorado Mountain Winefest in Palisade.

This past weekend we celebrated another year of Winefest in the Grand Valley. Some traditions are so good, we had to keep them going. We brought back our Pinot Pong and our Tipsy Tongue Twisters too. (Along with amazing music and prizes too.)

We like to perfect our Tipsy Tongue Twisters by making them about wine, drinking or something Grand Valley related. Once the wine kicks in at Winefest, we record people trying out our Tipsy Tongue Twisters.

Our first wineo is Laura, who tried out a Tipsy Tongue Twister about weird Willy and his watermelon wine. As you can see above, what really got Laura was the wonder versus wander. She did a great job and even struck a post at the end in her Tour De Vineyards t-shirt. Laura has put in the time when it comes to wine.

Next up in the video above is someone who I'm convinced is either a DD or as he said, a professional when it comes to wine. He crushed our TIpsy Tongue Twister so hard, which was about Paula in Palisade with pinot and peaches, he even read it backward. Then he pretended our clipboard was a mic and dropped it.

We love that our Tipsy Tongue Twisters gave people something different to do at Winefest and made them laugh and smile and invite their friends to try them. We had so much fun at Winefest, check out more of the fun we had on our Instagram below:

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