When you visit Rocky  Mountain National Park you know you're going to see Elk, but to get an Elk parade is a special experience.

Facebooker James Mason captured this video recently while biking in the park. This group of elk just come lumbering up the road in a straight line, seemingly without a care in the world. James and his friend have no choice but to let them pass.


The elk in this video are majestic and it's pretty cool to watch, and, no doubt, an amazing experience to be there in person, though it may be a little too close for comfort. However, in defense of James and his friend, this was not a case of approaching the wildlife, it was the wildlife approaching them. They did the right thing by stopping to let them pass,  staying calm, and being careful not to startle the animals.

While Elk are abundant in Rocky Mountain National Park and are frequently spotted in nearby Estes Park, these mighty beasts have been known to be aggressive toward humans, and an up-close encounter could be deadly - for the human.

Countless encounters between humans and elk have been recorded, including this one in the video below from last year in Estes Park. A tourist was injured when she got too close to an elk who had no problem throwing his weight around.

We are so blessed in Colorado to have great wildlife viewing opportunities but we need to always respect the wildlife, give them space, and keep yourself safe. The National Park Service recommends keeping a distance of at least 75 feet between you and the wildlife you are viewing. But, when social distancing is not possible, as was the case with James and his friend, stay calm and be ready for anything.


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