No matter how civilized Yellowstone National Park may seem because of how many people visit the park, this is a reminder that it will always remain a wild place. There's new video which shows a grizzly protecting her two cubs from a wolf pack.

I saw this shared by Yellowstone Wolf Tracker on Facebook. According to their description, this video was captured by Taylor Bland. Amazingly, no wolves or bears were harmed in this video.

Distinctly Montana shared some additional details including the fact that this grizzly family was being hunted by the Junction Butte wolf pack. Yellowstone Wolf has more details about this pack of wolves and how it formed.

The Junction Butte pack formed in April 2012 when 838M dispersed from the Agate Creek pack with two females. The two Agate females quickly disappeared but later that month 838M was seen with two new females and an uncollared gray adult nicknamed “Puff”, originally from Blacktail.

As you can see in the video, the Junction Butte pack has several black alpha males. It's quite a sight to see this kind of nature played out in front of your eyes.

It was last December when this same pack had an intense encounter with a grizzly who was trying to protect a carcass.

Yellowstone's ecosystem with bears, wolves, moose, bison and elk coexisting that makes it so compelling.

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