A new video reveals a classic predator showdown in Yellowstone. It's a grizzly who came snout-to-snout with a huge wolf pack over a kill.

The video tells quite a story. According to how it's told, the Junction Butte wolf pack took down a bison one or two days prior. The grizzly found the kill and this is the confrontation that resulted.

I did not realize that the Junction Butte wolf pack counts almost half of the total number of wolves in Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone Wolf has some interesting statistics about this wolf pack. According to their numbers, there were 17 pups born in the pack last year and they count 9 as having survived into this year.

The photographer who shared the video also gives a pro tip if you're looking for predators. If you see ravens and/or eagles, that's where you'll often find bears or wolves as the birds feed off of their kills.

This standoff appears to end in a draw with both wolves and bear getting part of the carcass although it's hard to tell details considering the distance the video is captured.

They also advise that you always obey park rules about keeping a 100 yard distance (at least) from predators like this.

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