The Colorado Rockies had a magnificent weekend after completing a 3 game sweep of the Miami Marlins on Sunday with a 13-8 win. After the game, however, reports started circulating about a fan that was possibly using a racial slur towards a Marlins player in the ninth inning.

According to the Associated Press, Lewis Brinson of the Miami Marlins was targeted by a fan at Coors Field who repeatedly shouted a racial slur at the Black outfielder when he batted in the ninth inning Sunday.

Brinson himself, the other players on the field, or anyone in the dugout heard the slur but it was apparently picked up on the Bally Sports Florida telecast.

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The Rockies, after hearing about this released a statement on Sunday night about the alleged incident:

With all of that being said, according to KDVR, social media posts after the incident and hearing about the backlash have stated that the person that was supposedly shouting the N-Word was actually pointing and shouting at the Rockies mascot "Dinger" who was nearby.

Now to ME, I hear the man yelling "Dinger" and looking towards the Rockies dugout where the mascot was getting ready to charge the field after the final pitch to start waving the Rockies flag. I was at the game yesterday and remember pointing out Dinger to my 6-year-old who was down by the dugout waiting to wave the big Rockies flag. (Which he did because the Rockies won...yay!)

The man appeared to not even be looking toward the field of play while yelling it. I HOPE that was the case and I truly believe that was the case after watching that video, that's what it sounds like to my ear. What do YOU think?

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