Another day, another scam. Another court summons scam is going around Colorado and scaring people into clicking their bogus links to spread viruses and steal their information. Here's what to look for to avoid their latest email scam.

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 New Court Summons Scam Spreading Across Colorado

Be it a phone call, an email/DM on socials, or even a text message, these scammers are coming at us from all angles and harder than they ever have before. Is it because the world has gone mad in recent years and people are more desperate than ever? Possibly... Just today alone, I've received 3 calls, a text from "amaz0n" and an email with links that these half-whitted criminals would love for me to click. While I knew right away it was junk, some people need help spotting the real from the fake. Here's how I knew.

How To Spot A Scam Email


I've received a few different scam emails over the last few months, but this one seems to be going around pretty quickly as other folks I know got the same email. The email was titled "Summons Notification" and said the following...

Hereby we inform you that you are suspected of violating of the Federal Law under Title 16 USC § 8763.


Related hearing will be held next week at 3:30PM in Courtroom 6B. Case number is 1466-391469413.


In case you or your attorney are not able to attend to the court on the mentioned day, please inform us by sending a respond here with the specified reason reason for abscence.

You have to respond not later than 10 workdays before the day of hearing.


List of documents to provide and further information can be found in an attached file.


Download Notification


Alison Solis
Chief Secretary Prosecutor

First of all, a quick Google of the fake court number tells you right away that it's a scam. Never click any of the links as this particular email contains a virus, possibly worse in some cases. made a page of signs to look for to help warn people about this and other similar scams. From the email address to the multiple typos, this was a red-flag email right from the get-go. The other thing is, why would they send this to my work email? This email isn't on file anywhere under my legal government name. Noticing little things like that can truly save you from tons of viruses or identity theft etc. Here's a screenshot of the email...

Big Rob Email Screenshot
Big Rob Email Screenshot

If you get this email, hit delete and clear your deleted folder. Also, share this information to help protect others who may not know how to spot a fake from something real. 90% of these calls, emails, and texts claiming you're in trouble, or something you ordered or won needs further information, etc. are all scams to steal some sort of information or money from you. They mostly target the young and the old, so hopefully they think I'm 22... Always be cautious, and good luck out there. Hope this information helps you in the future. More scams to watch out for, and tips to avoid them are below.

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