Wednesday, June 21, is National Yoga Day. When you're looking to do the Downward-Facing Dog with a little twist of Half Lord of the Fishes Pose, who do you look to for guidance? Tell us about your favorite Western Colorado Yoga instructor.

A few years ago we asked you to vote for Grand Junction's best Yoga studio, According to Yelp, the #1 place in the valley is Yoga Vinyassa. According to you, though, the best in the region is Yoga West Collective.

Most Yoga studios have several different instructors, each with their own unique background and approach. Let's narrow it down. Who is your favorite instructor?

From time to time a take a Yoga class. Okay, stop laughing. It's true, I take a class everyone in a while. It ain't pretty, but I try. I really like Al at Crossroads Fitness Downtown, He's a very talented teacher. His better half, Kim, is an incredible instructor as well.

How about you? Cast your vote for Western Colorado's best Yoga instructor. If you don't see your favorite on our list, write their names in, and we'll add it. Take a good look, it's a very long list, and that's without the write-in votes.

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