The Weld County Sheriff's Office posted a video recently of an incident at the WCSO jail housing unit. The footage involved body cam footage from Detention Deputy Christopher Soper trying to defuse the situation with the two inmates.

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Suddenly, one of those cellmates jumped from their bed and assaulted Deputy Soper.

The Unexpected Happened

In the video, you can see many inmates in the area. The inmates jumped into a physical altercation and helped get the inmate off of Deputy Soper.

The Weld County Sherriff's Office said this in the social media video caption.

We share this story and footage with you because our detentions deputies work tirelessly to maintain our jail as a safe environment, but instances of violence like this do occur. The inmates in this case, demonstrated their humanity by showing their concern for Deputy Soper’s well-being and helping in a situation they were not obligated to do so.;

WARNING: The video is graphic and not suitable for all individuals.

Northern Colorado Is Praising the Inmates Who Helped Deputy Soper

The video has now gone viral, and Northern Coloradans are praising the inmates for helping the officer.

I want to buy those inmates pizza! Capt Turner can you make that happen - Sonny Subia

Thank you to all the helpful Inmates. They may have made bad choice to end up in jail but made amazing choice in help the deputy. - Shawn Walker

Correction officers and detention staff are usually drastically outnumbered. Take a second to imagine if the other inmates took a much different path and assisted the aggressor. The discussion would be much different today. Corrections is one of the most challenging jobs out there. Always take the time to thank your correction officers and detention deputies. - AJ McGuffin

I could not find any status on Deputy Soper, but I am assuming that he did not sustain any serious injuries during this altercation.

This shows that the officers and deputies do an amazing job and that most inmates respect and appreciate their work.

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