It seems these days that a lot of people are installing dash cams in their vehicles. For one thing, it certainly helps you if you get hit by another driver or you get threatened.

But it's also quite entertaining for the rest of us. Take a look at what some Colorado residents are capturing with their dashcams!

Deputy Fired Upon

In Douglas County, south of Denver, this officer was fired upon and caught it all.

We were all mesmerized by this hail storm video. SO glad I wasn't there.

And sometimes, we get to take road trips without ever leaving the house.

Coming up on an accident site is bad enough, but to see it happen?

Just a few examples of how life in Colorado is filmed from a variety of sources. Keep in mind dash cams are designed to set and forget, not to be hand-held by the driver. If you're thinking of doing something like this with your cell phone I have one word of advice for you.


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