Colorado's beer makers are the envy of pretty much every craft beer-loving person in the state, which is like, most people. These guys go to work to make beer, how could they have a bad day?

Well, everyone has bad days, and this surveillance video proves it. Guanella Pass Brewing Company in Georgetown shared the video below on Facebook with the caption, 'As hard to believe as it might be, even brewers have bad days 😳.'

While it would clearly be a pretty stressful situation, he kind of handled it like a total champ. He doesn't panic and even uses his hand to try to control the spill like a badass. If you think about it, that's some high-pressure beer, so it probably hurt at least a little. [Here's how it happened from WTHR.]

At the end of the day, no one's crying over spilled beer (OK, maybe Kyle Clark shed a tear). The brewer's wife commented on the video, 'As his wife, I tried to be sympathetic, but it was just too hilarious!!'  Cheers to this guy, he deserves a beer. Too soon?

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