When you hear there's a high wind warning in Wyoming, you know that means potentially perilous driving if you're in a high-profile vehicle. New dashcam video from this morning shows 3 semis blown over in a 2 mile stretch of I-80.

The YouTube channel James Bond (no, I'm not kidding) just shared this video from a dashcam video apparently captured this morning based on the time stamp.

His description sums it up:

2 mules and 3 trailers blown over by +60mph wind in Wyoming I80

That sounds about right. The National Weather Service in Cheyenne shared the possibility of 65 or 75 mph gusts today. Here's a snippet from their forecast:

Dangerous travel conditions are possible for light weight and high profile vehicles, including camping and travel trailers. Use extreme caution if traveling.

NWS Cheyenne
NWS Cheyenne

Gotta be careful when you're traveling our highways especially this time of year or any time of year for that matter.

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