If you are needing some happy news in your life this ought to do the trick - some young kids caught in the act of doing something kind and honest.

The video was recorded at a home in Aurora. Some young kids approach the front door when they are greeted by a recorded message - like an answering machine for the front door.

The kids seem a bit startled at first, but proceed to leave a message. They indicated they had found the person's wallet lying on the ground - and they wanted to return it. You can imagine the delight of the wallet's owner to have the wallet and its full contents returned.

There are plenty of good kids in the world, but, too often all we hear about is the bad stuff. These kids have made their parents extremely proud - and their parents should feel super good about the way they have raised their kids so far.

As for the kids, they should feel pretty warm and fuzzy for doing the right thing. It definitely makes me feel warm and fuzzy just watching this.

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