I recently bought a new 4x4 vehicle and decided to break it in on Utah's Onion Creek Trail. If you're into conquering the less traveled, this trip is for you.

Located off Utah HWY 128, Onion Creek Trail (BLM 100) is an east off-road trail to take in the views of Utah's Castle Valley area. If you're traveling west on 128, the trail is just past Fisher Tower on the south side of the road.

Onion Creek is on the easy side as far as trails are considered, but it is recommended you have a vehicle with fairly high clearance. While the road can be a bit rough, it seems to be well-maintained, by the sights of the cleared debris from recent flash floods.

While I didn't take the trail all the way to the end, the sections I did travel required paying attention to the edges of the sometimes narrow road. (I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to heights, so I did have to stop a couple times to gather my composure.)

Because I was traveling alone, and only saw one person on a motorcycle on my way out, I decided to bail on the trail a bit early. That being said, I do plan on taking the trip again, this time to the end of the trail.

Enjoy some of the shots from the Onion Creek Trail, as well as a few bonus shots from the La Sal area.

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