Where will you find Grand Junction's best neighborhoods for Trick-or-Treating? You could ask around, or you could save a little time and put social media to work.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office encourages you to let social media point you in the right direction when making the rounds this Halloween. The neighborhood social media network Nextdoor provides an "inside scoop" on who will be dishing out candy on Halloween.

Those signed up for Nextdoor can use a special Halloween feature. Nextdoor participants can place the "candy corn" icon on their house, thus notifying people via social media their home will be offering candy.

I fired up the map of my neighborhood earlier today, and out of 50 houses, none show signs they will be handing out Halloween candy. Let's get on that! Let people know you'll be welcoming trick-or-treaters.

Fire up the site, look for the icons, and save some wear-and-tear on your feet. In the good ol' days you used to have to watch for porch lights and take your chances. Now, with the power of social media, you can proceed with some guarantees.