When you drive through Rocky Mountain National Park there is a good chance of seeing wildlife, especially if it's the right time of day. This particular wildlife encounter surprised us both.

We had seen the deer hanging around in the woods and after watching it for  a while decided to get a closer look.

I saw her go behind a big rock and took advantage of the opportunity to move in as close as possible. However, as I cautiously moved around the rock, I began to feel that maybe she had wandered off and I was out of luck.

But, suddenly, I spotted her. There she was, chowing down on an evening meal behind the rock. Quietly I watched until, in a moment, her head shot straight up and we were staring at each other face to face. At that point, I wasn't exactly sure who was more surprised.

I think we both left happy. She had a belly full and I had myself a cool video.

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