How many people does it to tow a Boeing 757 Jet with a rope?

Not Something You See Every Day

If you attend the second annual Airplane Tow 'N' Throw you will discover that it apparently takes 18 people to move a big jet airliner by hand. The object of the competition is to see which team can pull a 100-ton Boeing 757  twenty feet in the fastest time.

According to Zebulon Miracle, United Way of  Mesa County Executive Director, the rope that is used to tow the plane is extremely heavy. He says, "I can barely lift it myself."

The event, a fundraiser for United Way of Mesa County and organized by the Greater Grand Junction Sports Commission, will be held at Grand Junction Regional Airport on Saturday, October 1, beginning a 9:30. Spectators are welcome to come watch and it won't cost anything to get in.

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Look For Crazy Costumes

One thing you might see is some crazy costumes. Participating teams are being encouraged to wear crazy and creative costumes. The team with the craziest costume will win a prize - even if it isn't successful in the airplane-pulling competition.


Airplane Pulling Supports United Way of Mesa County

Several local teams will be competing for the Tow 'N' Throw Championship on Saturday. It's a fun way to support United Way of Mesa County and no less than 43 local programs including Colorado Discover Ability, Foster Alumni Mentors, Grand Valley Catholic Outreach, Mesa County Partners, Strive, and many more local non-profits.

The "throw" portion of this event is a cornhole tournament that will take place following the towing competition.

How Can You Support the Tow 'N' Throw?

If you would like to support the effort or simply make a donation to United Way of Mesa County, you can get more information here. Every little bit of support helps make Mesa County a better place to live - and you don't have to tow an airplane.

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